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View Record: [227189] Diatom valve/Not specified/SEM/Acid cleaned, gold-palladium coated/Not applicable/Not applicable/Unspecified
Applicable to Bacillariophyta hierarchy

Contributor:James Nienowemail
Submitter:James Nienowemail
Group:jnienow's group
Date Submitted:2008-05-01 
Last Modified:2008-05-01
Publish Date:2008-05-01
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Specimen Part:Diatom valve
View Angle:Not specified
Sex:Not applicable
Stage:Not applicable
Preparation:Acid cleaned, gold-palladium coated
View Applicable to:Bacillariophyta hierarchy

Example Image:[227190]
Morphbank biodiversity NSF FSU Florida State University jnienow's group  SEM Acid cleaned, gold-palladium coated Diatom valve Not specified Not applicable Unspecified   Not applicable    Valdosta State  University
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